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Henry Ford Academy: Alameda School for Art + Design’s daily focus is to ensure an innovative, collaborative, student-focused learning environment for all.

One of the strengths of the Henry Ford Academy model is its success in ensuring that students and teachers understand and make tangible connections between what they learn and teach in class and how this knowledge is relevant and necessary in their post-secondary educational experience and the future of work. 

Our commitment to the acquisition and application of knowledge from core subjects and 21st-century skills mastery is evident in our rigorous curriculum, which is fully aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the consistent opportunities for students to use different types of thinking (analytical, practical, creative, and research-based). We continue to exceed state accountability standards in state student assessments on core knowledge, and in 2022 Henry Ford Academy received an “A” in the TEA’s academic accountability ratings.

Henry Ford Academy is San Antonio’s only tuition-free high school focusing on art and design as essential components of a world-class education. We excel at developing not only students’ academic knowledge and skills but also their potential as critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers — all in a vibrant, accepting atmosphere where students and teachers work together. 

All of this would not be possible without intentional focus on what our students need to be successful; each individual child’s ability to achieve depends on our ability to meet their unique personal (culturally-responsive, emotional, socio-economic) and academic needs, so we provide small classes, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers, personalized education that includes individual support and interventions, and enriching real-world learning opportunities.