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Photo Credit: Edith Rosas

Mrs. V. Bedolla


Mrs. Victoria Bedolla is the part time academic counselor for Henry Ford Academy
at the Alameda School of Arts and Humanities. Her focus is the mental well being of
the students at our campus as well as assuring that each student is successfully
geared towards high school graduation, and thereafter.
Mrs. Bedolla brings twenty-one years of experience as an educator and guidance
counselor at Raymondville ISD. She taught middle school language arts for six years
and served as school counselor for 15 years, having served at middle and high
school most of her career.

Mrs. Bedolla retired as an educator/counselor in 2010 from the Raymondville
Independent School District and received her license in mental/behavioral
counseling in 2006 through the University of Texas at Pan American. As a licensed
counselor, she has worked with foster children, with parents whose children were
removed from their homes, and with the federal prison system since her retirement.
The most impressive attribute about attending Henry Ford Academy at the Alameda
School for Arts and Humanities is the uniqueness that each student brings to our
campus. Students are given the opportunity to be “themselves” without judgment.
As a result of this, students produce willingly and accordingly to set expectations by
our dedicated campus staff.

Vickie Bedolla, Academic Counselor
Henry Ford Academy
(210) 760-3918