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The Alameda School for Art + Design is proud to launch our first online market space featuring artwork by our talented students. Items are available at affordable prices so that family members and community members may purchase them. This installation of a virtual marketplace features artwork inspired by health and wellness. As students, staff, and members of our school community work to recover from the covid19 pandemic, even as its impacts persist, we take a moment to contemplate important elements of recovery. Through this showcase, we consider where we find solace, strength or sources of inspiration. 

Youth perspectives are critical to conversations about how to recover and restore our communities. Their exchanges with The Alameda School community inform our Staff’s approach to providing the support they need. At an event launching the online shop, Staff member, Belen Trujillo shared with students how she is motivated by caring for her many plants at home. She draws parallels between the resilience of some of the flowering plants that survived extreme weather and the resilience of our students as they work diligently to navigate the unique challenges they’ve encountered in the past couple of years.

Lotus Rios imparted her experience about participating in a mutual aid network that works to address varied needs of people in marginalized communities. She shares her work with her family including one of our Seniors! As our communities recover from covid and confront exacerbated hardships, it’s critical for all of us to deepen our understanding of the value of healthy relationships and mutual aid networks of support and solidarity. 

We hope you enjoy this inaugural online market of student work, a production of HFA:The Alameda School staff and community. It features student artwork created with instruction from our own art educators, John Medina, and Jason Gonzales, MFA. Commercial photography highlighting student works was completed by Student Success Coordinator, Edith Rosa. 

Featured items include ceramic work and digital media images:

  • Ollas -cone shaped sculpted ceramic with variant bisquing to enable irrigation of neighboring plants. How to Use: bury pointed end in the dirt of your garden or in a large plant pot and fill with water. Ollas are an ancient mechanism for plant irrigation. 

  • Pots -small pots completely bisqued to hold plants or other items

  • Watercolor Succulents & Botanicals -digital media representations of succulent plants created in the style of watercolor brush paintings

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